Nov 13, 2013
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Good Air Hair Stylers

Air Rotating Styler

I must confess to being jealous of one of my British friends and the product that is widely available in the United Kingdom but not available here. This is a very rare occurrence because normally it is she who is jealous of me and the wealth of products that I can get from this great country.

The product in question is called the big hair and is available from Babyliss. Basically it is a combination of a hair dryer and brush in one. This might sound a little silly but basically it allows you to style your hair quickly and easily. You no longer have to hold a brush in one hand and your blow dryer in the other. Now this two in one product means that you hold the babyliss 2775u big hair rotating styler  in one hand and use your free hand to hold your hair in position. When my friend Sandra, first told me about it I was skeptical but when she Skyped me and showed it to me in action I was jealous. I did have a look at purchasing one online from a British e-commerce site but the mains adapter was not compatible so I had to abandon the idea.

Fortunately for me there was hope in the form of the Conair Air Rotating Styler. Costing just $60 or cheaper if you look online, it pretty much does the same as the Babyliss and judging by the glowing reviews I read online is also considered to be pretty good. I have medium length hair so the air rotating styler works brilliantly for me. After I have used it, it makes my hair feel so much smoother and it looks visibly shinier as well. The added bonus is that it also leaves my hair beautifully straight so there is no need to reach for my flat iron after.

What I really like about this product is the volume that it adds to my hair. I can use this for everyday life and save the straightener for special occasions. It also saves me a ton of time instead of using a brush and hair dryer combined and eliminates the aching hand syndrome of holding a hair dryer for a long period of time.

So in conclusion then, I was sad that I couldn’t get Babyliss’ big hair styler but I’m really glad that Conair produced a similar product that works just as well.

Feb 23, 2013
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Christmas wish list 2013

On The Christmas Wish Lits

Babyliss Big Hair Styler Tool Review

“This is the big hair rotating brush by Babyliss. Currently only available in the United Kingdom and Europe but I would love one of these things to come over to the States. “


It seems that in fashion you either want perfect, straight hair, or perfect curls. In the real world it is really hard to achieve this look without a little help. Personally, the only natural thing my hair has is a kink in it, which means that if I just left it ‘au natural’ it looks awful. That is why I went out and bought products that help me look awesome and feel good about myself.


Go Curly

Making your hair curly has only just come back into fashion which is a shame because I look great with curly hair. It took me a while to find the perfect curling tool but eventually I found a helpful babyliss curl secret review :-). This helped me decide that the curl secret was the best tool for my needs. It curls quickly and easily and the curls in my hair last all day long. I did consider buying the pro curl but actually the secret curl does everything I need.


Pump up the Volume

When I make my hair straight it looks really limp so I needed a tool that would add volume to my hair. I am the worlds weakest human being so holding up a hair dryer and a brush to do this is my idea of hell. That is why I’m so glad I discovered the wonderful and splendid babyliss BIG HAIR! It is such a simple concept, combine two things into one but It works really well. I hold it in one hand, when that hand gets tired, I simply switch to another hand. I can dry my hair and add volume in no time at all.



Oct 31, 2013
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Straightener Reviews



You’ll be surprised at how many highly rated straighteners are actually harmful to your hair, so to make sure that you don’t become one of the many reviewers to discover that their expensive straightener wasn’t worth the price or the time. follow these tips to guide yourself towards a trustworthy device that will keep you happy and your hair looking amazing.

Choose good quality plates: All the best straighteners promise superb straightening in extra quick time and with little to no damage. The problem is that many can’t live up to their promise and end up damaging hair with their bad quality plates. This is usually because their plates aren’t solid ceramic but ceramic coated or they use aluminum plates with nano-ceramic technology which simply means that the amount of real ceramic used is microscopic. If you really want genuine results then choose a straightener with genuine ceramic plates to take advantage of its natural infrared heating and ionic component for super smooth hair with its natural moisture locked in for a healthy glow and a frizz free surface for a long lasting style.

Check the design and features: In order for a straightener to be easy to use and comfortable to hold, it has to be ergonomically designed and have handles that provide a good grip while styling. Also, a light weight is important to prevent hand and arm strain which will force you to set down the iron every few minutes to rest, therefore extending your styling time. But most importantly, the best straightener provides an adjustable heat setting to give you the control of the temperature you use to avoid burning your hair. Straighteners with fixed heats are dangerous to your hair’s health, especially if used regularly, so you can be sure that a high quality straightener won’t come with a fixed heat.

Trustworthy straighteners come with wide ranging heat levels usually starting from 180° and ending at 410° or even 450°F. These are the safest as you have the choice to straighten your hair at the lowest heat setting and turn it up if necessary, instead of finding that the iron is too hot for your hair and ending up with frazzled locks.

Confirm its functionality: Every good straightener is so sure of its consistent performance and functionality that it’ll come with a hefty warranty that surpasses the 1 year limit. The longer the warranty the better, so try and find the one that guarantees the best straighten time after time.

These tips should help you choose your ideal straightener for soft and sleek hair without the trouble of heat damage. Check out our flat iron reviews for more information and don’t rely completely on top ten lists or ratings as a guide for your own straightener since many of these won’t be the most suited for your hair type. Instead, use your own investigation and knowledge on hair straighteners to give you a clearer picture of what you need.


hair straightener reviews